Sunday, August 30, 2009

tq so much :D

sweet memory wif sum1 i love soo much...even juz spent tym wif him juz around a few minutes but i really appreciate it...i juz folow alan my neighbour lepaking @KL cz juz want to meet many halangan n dugaan before goin to KL...alan n me gerak from seremban around 9pm...then we arrive in SK and stay there while waiting bobo from cheras...actually med folo sekali but med bz doin his assignment in cyberia...while waiting bobo i juz on9 playing fb and so on...then when bobo sampai bobo ask want to take his shower first...wargh so sad...but i'm still can wait cz nani not push me to faster...then we planned goin to pavilion to watching muvee....for first planning we want to watching muvee @OU...but there don't hv any midnyte muvee...paling lewat pon 11pm bla bla we cancel goin to OU then we planning to watching muvee @Pavilion bcz nani tgk muvee kt sne gak :)emph...otw goin to KL med call to pick up him @cyberia bcz he want to follow we go first to cyberia...while waiting med alan ask to nani buy our ticket muvee u syg...then we strait goin to Pavilion using MEX happy bcz jln x sesak...then sampai pavilion alan ask to call nani..then after call nani strait dtg happy yg xterkate...he so cml bcz he wearing my t-shirt dat i present to him...juz lepaking there borak2 before we goin to watching muvee...nani tgk GI Joe wif his friend and i tgk i love you beth cooper wif alan med n bobo...then after muvee we goin to lepak @NZ Garden Cafe untill sahur...then stay @BB while waiting nani..then @615am ktorg gerak blk bobo and med pon da tertido2 dlm kereta...645 smpi la saye di hostel...btw sgt enjoy lepak ng korg even first tym hang out ng korg...sgt best !!!! tenkz a lot and special credit to alan also :)
*sgt best dpt jmpe u tym kte jumpe lagi k...even u bz plz don't forge me k..
i trime sje u even ape keadaan pon...
love u belong wif me....


  1. saya sangat jeles weh! -guzel

  2. hey nape nak jeles...len kali kte kuar beramai2 k :)