Thursday, March 18, 2010

mini trip to sban !

18th MARCH 2010
nothing much to say
wake up early
convoi 2 cars
goin to sban
juz servey around
and make it comfirmation
then lunch tym
goin to nasi ayam kak lina
visit ongah admit ward @senawang specialist centre (SALAM)
then goin to kualan pilah
using new high way jz took 5 minutes
arrive @ULU BENDUL
about 12 years not goin there
bughuk xbest x terjage :P
then goin to my house
planned jz want change bju suar for goin to jeram toi
then stuck cz discusion wif my dad about bla bla bla
sudenly unty juriati get involve and discus wif her
feed back so far so good
then move to jeram toi
mandi mande di situ
then lepak mkn goreng pisang n berger
berger dia terbayek only RM 1.50 thumps up
then so tired yg melampau
drive blk cj using new high way lekas
drive laluk sgt xthn...ngantokss !!!

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