Sunday, May 8, 2011


DATE : 7th May 2011
TIME : 7pm -12ooam
VENUE : Mayangsari Port Dickson

cake for rania and pulut kuning for mama and ayah

during da party
bbq tyme & rest n relax tyme
more picture on my sister camera(xtau ble dia nak upload)
ni pic2 yg diambil oleh aku sndiri
xbape byk pic cz terlalu bz melayan tetamu yg hadir
overall da party is success even standardla ade cacat cela
bnde yg x ley nk dielakkan
btw best sbb stay 1 nyte kat sne
tmrw smbung mndi pool and pantai...
best !!!
happy birthday to
mama on 3rd May
rania on 6th May
ayah on 17th May
eddy on 21st May
and also
Happy Mothers Day to
mama and along :)

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