Friday, January 6, 2012


DATE : 16th - 18th DEC 2011
VENUE : JB - SINGAPORE its tym for me to update bout my previous vacation wif my lovely fam...rse last vacation wif fam over da sea...hahaha...tym 2006 g Bali wif my fam...tym tu rania x de lg and along still single and available...hahahah...and last 2007 aku ade holiday di singapore wif my sis and her friends x silap tym CNY celebration...hehehe..ok btw now singapore here we come again and again...

16th dec : after spent tym wif dan then he drop me meet my fam @ msuites hotel @ jln skudai JB... we r stay here b4 move to singapore da next 730pm meet my fam...after ding dong da room then i here my lovely cute so siap terus dinner wif my fam...

dinner tym chinese course @ ballroom msuites

singapore and singapore
song of da sea
@sentosa island :)

in front of uss
so amazing !

everyone want to take a snap shot moment here !

transformer 4D & 3D
terbayek dri ladang

q almost 2 hours for waiting da transformer action
after 4 min enjoy da transformer action
trs terpikir nak q blk sanggup tggu 2 hours pon
sbb ending dia sgt superb marvellous
x rugi x sia2 q..sgt2 terbayek wok
sukar nak imagine kannn :)

hollywood street wif my sis :)

jurasic park store
rania like to shopping here
while waiting hujan benti !

ballroom dancer
@hollywood street

our nice souvenior @ uss
price $14.80 convert to RM35.50
juz coke drinks
hahahahhaha !

kung fu panda
rania so excited !

our lunch here
@priar restaurants :)


murtabak daging
thums up
@ arab street

landmark of singaporeann..


diz is all of my memory @ singapore wif my own camera fon...btw a lot of pic dekat my sis still x upload btw jz nk ckp nice memory here nak2 lagi dpt msk uss lalala universal studio...2nd day ktorg sempat berjln di orchad road china town sume tp pergerakkan agak trbantut akibat hujannn...

b4 blk sban kami sume singgah sebentar di JPO johor premium outlet...yg sgt2 terbayek...even rmi glr org tp mmg syiok shopping here...sesape nka dtg mmg kne bwa duit rugi glr dtg x bwa duit..sbb branded product ng harge yg dtg jgn x dtg...lalala...

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