Sunday, July 10, 2011

in advance

cake in advance !
tq appreciate it !
love and like :)

dpt call after work trs gerak
dtg2 dpt mkn 1 set meal
ayam goreng mcd !
tenkz a lot shazerin :)

got a lot of moment here ! :)

hello hye2 in future artis nie
adzri yg gedik ! :D
sore mmg power and mantop abes !
baru je mng singing competition !

wif ainul and kak d !

tenkz a lot pd sume2 yg ingt bday aku...sorry cz 16th july i cant make it..actually boley tp x nak bergegas ke sne ke mari sgt...sbb tau dz week terlalu tenkz for in advance a simple celebration here ! btw still nak tuntut card tu...cepat2 kasi sume org sign then ainul jgn lupa pass kat akk k...i'm waiting...btw happy3 !!! and appreciate glr !!! lalalalalalala :P

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